Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is It Really That Hard To Start As An Affiliate?

Hello there,

Checking all the flashy affiliate sales pages on how easy all the affiliate programs are, it's almost hard to believe that it is in fact difficult to earn some money as an affiliate.

"It will cost you practically no time, a few hours per week tops. And everyone can do it!" That is the kind of message we usually read, while surfing the internet.

In most cases this is what happens: You sign up with a bunch of affiliate programs, but not one of them is making you money. Not even a single dollar.

Is this something you recognize too? I was sick and tired of it.

But I still hoped that there was an affiliate program out there that would take me by the hand and would teach me exactly how to get started. And guess what, I think I found such a program.

It's the Affiliate Junktion Program, promising $150,- per day within a short time.

My first thought was something like: yeah, right what's the catch this time? Because think about it, everything should be free....

Let's check the free stuff: the program should be free, the affiliate website should be free, their support should be superior and free. Well, everything until this far is true and further...the first domain name was free (an additional domain name costs US $6,50/year) and the hosting costs for the first year where compensated with NZ $75,- (by the way, yes, it turns out to be New Zealand Dollars after reading the affiliate agreement). Even free advertising credits with Google AdWords and Yahoo! These free credits are, of course, very welcome to test paid advertising.

On the other hand, since it was all for free, I had nothing to lose. So I joined the club.

These steps are clear and simple. A few are even explained in a video tutorial. As a beginner, that helped me a lot.

At first you get a free website, but then it needs to be hosted somewhere. And here it is. At this point, maybe you rather wanted to choose your own hosting service for your new and free website.

But if you want to get your NZ $75,- sign up bonus and thus get compensated for the hosting costs for the first year, then you must register with the suggested web hosting company (luckily it turns out to be a good one). So, following the getting started steps, at one point you have to sign up with IPOWER web hosting for one year to get your sign up bonus.

By the way, my personal experience with them is great so far. Their 24/7 live chat technical support for instance, is super. Waiting time can be a bit long though

What's really the catch if you get compensated for it with NZ $75,- after all? And if you are a beginner just like I was, you need a web hosting company anyway. Once you get started, this sign up bonus will be added into your affiliate account.

Yeah, there is another cool bonus. Through signing up with Affiliate Junktion you will get a credit code you can use with Yahoo! Research Marketing.

If you directly sign up with Yahoo! you will NOT get the advertising credits, but signing up through this program, you get a credit code worth ?50,- (yes, 50 British Pounds Sterling). That is of course much more than the US $50,- starting bonus credit you usually get, signing up through, for instance, your (new) web hosting company.

Another advertising bonus you get from Google Adwords. Signing up with Google Adwords, with the credit code given to you by IPOWER (after signing up with them), you get another US $30.

With all these advertising credits, you can test working with Google Adwords and Yahoo! No risk, no costs.

Finally, would I recommend this free Affiliate Junktion program to you?

Yes. Main reason is because it's making me money on the internet, for the first time. Your effort will get rewarded. And also very important.... this affiliate program WILL pay you, I know that from my own experience with them. So do not worry. This is NOT a scam. This is a serious home business.

So, this free Affiliate Junktion program is more than just okay. Especially if you finally want to start, learn and earn on the internet.

If you are interested please go to and look around.



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